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Neurofeedback for Slow Cortical Potentials

This is a self-paced course intended for practitioners, therapists or researchers interested in the specific Neurofeedback protocol of training Slow Cortical Potentials (SCPs). Lessons covering the technological requirements for accurate filtering and measuring of SCPs, refer to the THERA PRAX® system.

Self-paced online course

This is a self-paced course intended for practitioners, therapists or researchers interested in applying evidence-based applications of SCP (Slow Cortical Potentials) Neurofeedback.


The course content is designed and presented by:

Dr. Trevor Brown

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There are 8 recorded lessons in this course, which are followed by a test for each lesson.

Important information

For this self-paced course, we have estimated the following time commitment:

  • 5 hours to view all lesson presentations
  • 1 hours to complete all tests (subsequent to the lesson presentation)
  • 8 hours of additional recommended reading material

Course registration is valid for 6 months.  You must complete all lessons in this time to maintain consistency of study, ensure understanding of course material and prepare yourself adequately for your practical training.

This course accounts for 80 points towards your neuroCademy profile

Participants will receive a Certificate upon successful completion of all lessons in this course (see below for practical component).

For lessons with a test, an 80% pass of the test is required to advance to the next lesson. The test can be repeated as many times as needed. Each lesson includes a recorded video presentation and accompanying learning materials.

The course is designed as lessons to be completed in sequence. You will need to watch the presentation in full in order to complete the course.

All content remains the property of neuroCare Group and should not be copied or reproduced. Please read our Terms of use.

Next steps: Neurofeedback in ADHD & Insomnia: Practical Component

Upon successful completion of this course, participants have the option of advancing to in-person practical training. In-person training sessions are regularly provided by neuroCare Clinics (Germany, Netherlands, Australia). Please visit or write to for further details.

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